N/A wants to travel the world. Largest cities, biggest airports, best clubs. The vision is to make music and play it to tens of thousands of people.

2009: the year of production

Norbert commits to production all year long. The #1 priority is to create world class trance music to be played by most trance djs all around the world.

2008: the year of rebirth

Norbert launches the new N/A site. He starts a monthly podcast to stay in the loop. He purchases new studio equipment ready for high quality music production.

2007: the year of loss

The worst possible thing happens: Arctis passes away in a tragical car accident. Important to emphasize that this was far from a party accident and he was just a passanger. The world has lost the next Ferry Corsten way too early.

2006: the year of dedication

Arctis leaves school and Norbert gives up on other projects to fully commit to trance. They change their project name to N/A (Norbert/Arctis). They decide this is what they are going to put their life on. They start to focus much more on music production.

2005: the year of trance mixes

Besides production all year long, 13 quality mixes are recorded. The first international appearance: etn.fm plays one of the sets in the "Rising Stars" show.

2004: the year of trance-e-motion

In August 2004, the project trance-e-motion was born. Kickstarted with a website and 2x100 minute dj sets, they get featured on many party sites, FM radios and webstreams. Ferry Corsten's Essential Mix makes the second huge impression on them. They start to get into music production.

2003: the year of decision

They find that trance music is of the highest quality. From all EDM genres, they choose trance.

2002: the year of selection

They listen to as many EDM records as they can in order to find what's closest to them. This means hundreds of records every month.

2001: the year of introduction

Norbert meets Arctis while heading for school on a public bus. They quickly become good friends and find they share common interest in electronic dance music.

2000: the year of DJ mixes

Norbert buys his first studio equipment and records lots of mixes in many different styles to gain more experience.

1999: the year of beatmixing

Paul van Dyk's Gallery Turnmill Essential Mix sounds awesome to Norbert and later makes a great impression on Arctis as well. Norbert learns how to beatmix using 2 cheap sound cards and the cheapest mixer table available.

1998: the year of the start

Norbert watches Loveparade 1998 on the TV and he decides he exactly wants to do that.